The discovery on Nitric Oxide (NO) and its benefits for the human body awarded the Nobel Prize in 1998 to Drs. Robert Furchgott, Louis Ignarro, and Ferid Murad for the discovery of nitric oxide (NO). Their research discovered that nitric oxide (NO) is a gas that can carry signals in the body and can regulate immune, bone, brain, lungs and heart activity. Signal transferall by a gas that is produced by one cell, represents an entirely new principle for medical science.

Nitric oxide and its benefits to humans, have been studied in the following years afters this discovery. This studies have proved that nitric oxide has multiple benefits for you such as:

  • Improving your cardiovascular system
  • Helps muscle recovery and streghening
  • Promotes bone formation
  • Helps increase immune system response toward patogens

In Bionox, after hard working investigation, we have developed the best nitric oxide product for you. In this article we will review each ingredient of our signature product. Berry M3 Ultimate Nitric Oxide Nutrition – 60 Scoop, and explain how it will help you improve your cardiovascular, heart and overall health. But first, let me introduce you to it.

Berry M3 Ultimate Nitric Oxide Nutrition

In Bionox we specialize at maximizing your health trough nitric oxide (NO) production. Our Berry M3 Ultimate Nitric Oxide Nutrition, provides a potent combination of nutrients that produces the innate power of the body to realize optimum health. It contains natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals that help your body increase the production on nitric oxide.

Let’s analyze each of them, see how they benefit you.

#1 Vitamin C

Over the years, an intake of vitaminc C has always been encouraged in order to maintain a healthy immune system.

However, recent studies have also shown that the intake of vitamin C has multiple other benefits. Such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular mortality in about 70%. This includes heart attacks and strokes. Also, Vitamin C helps your body produce nitric oxide.

#2 Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3, also called cholecalciferol, can be obtained by humans in two forms. First, by direct sunlight ultra-violet exposure in our skin. Secondly, by digestion from the intake of aliments rich in vitamin D or vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D is very important for humans because it helps preventing cancer, diabetes and also ensures a good heart condition. In recent years it has been discovered that, in clinical settings, many patients that had heart attacks also had low Vitamin D3 in their bodies. Adittionaly, Vitamin D has also been proved as a nitric oxide regulator in our bodies.

#3 Vitamin E

Vitamin E is very important for human metabolism. In fact, it is the most important fat-soluble antioxidant in human and animal tissues. Some of the benefits of vitamin E are to strenghten the immune system, helps form red blood cells and help the boy use vitamin K. Cells also use vitamin E to communicat with each other.

#4 Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is extremely important in order to have healthy bones. It fixes the calcium in the bones rather than in the arteries in you bodie. By doing it, it prevents osteoporosis, arthrosis, arteriosclerosis and heart attacks. Other scientific researchs relate vitamin K2 to dental health, the prevention of some types of cancer or nerodegenerative diseases. In studies with mice, an intake of vitamin K2 showed an increase in nitric oxide production.

#5 L-Arginine AKG

Found in read meat, fish, poultry and dairy. L-Arginine is an aminoacid that transforms in the body to… guess what?Nitric oxide! Yes, that is why L-Arginine is part of the nitric oxide support blend of our product. L-arginine also stimulates the release of growth hormone, insulin, and other substances in the body. This aminoacid is very usefull for regulating high blood presure and is also helpfull in heart diseases and erectile dysfunction.

#6 L-Citrulline

L-Citrulline is an aminoacid that accelerates the development of muscle mass and strength. This aminoacid also increases the level of L-Arginine in our body and, as we saw in the previous paragraph, L-Arginine tranforms into nitric oxide. This is why L-Citrulline is a considered a precursor to nitric oxide.

#7 Beet

Beet is a vegetable that has many benefits for our health. It helps prevent cancer, it’s a great source of iron, it maintain your heart young and healthy, helps to have a good liver function. Want to lose weight? Then beet is also good for you!

#8 Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a delicious fruit! But it is’nt only delicious, it’s a source of vitamin C, prevents cancer and alzheimers desease, it protects your heart and arteries, increases fertility in both men and women and if you are an active person and like to practice sports, pomegranate also can help you to reduce pain and increase your performance. This fruit is also a rich source of antioxidants. Its ability to protect nitric oxide (NO) against oxidative destruction and enhance the biological actions of NO has been tested and proved.

#9 Watermelon

Watermelon is one of the fruits that you always wants to eat on a hot day, in fact it contains 92% of water. but this fruit can not only quench your thirst. Eating watermelon is good for the hear. It contains critulline, this means it helps you produce nitric oxide. It also improves your eye health, reduces swelling and raises your energy levels.

#10 Blackberry

They say that great things come in small packages. And blackberry is not an exception! Although small in size, it has great benefits for our health. Blackberries are great allies of cardiovascular health, they arer a great ally in protecting and maintaining your heart healthy. Blackberries also reduces the chances of having a stroke and they also posses vitamin C, E and K which are very benefitial for you. A regular intake of blackberries can also increase the production of nitric oxide in your body.

#11 Raspberry

Rasperry is a fruit rich in vitamin C vitamin C, potassium, antioxidants and fiber, it has a low content of calories and sugars. Other advantages they have is that they reduce the risk of heart disease, because they improve blood circulation and strengthen the immune system, thanks to their high content of vitamin C and antioxidants. Just as blackberries, raspberries also increase the production of nitric oxyde in the human body.

#12 Hawthorn berry

Hawthorn berry may not be the tastiest berry there is… but it sure is one of the healthiest! Very used in Chinese traditional medicine, this berry helps your digestive system, has sedative properties and also improves your cardiovascular functions. Researches have shown that hawthorn even acts as a vasodilator, increasing your nitric oxide levels. This berry strengthen your heart and, because of its sedative properties metioned above, can improve inconsistent sleeping patterns, ensuring a peaceful sleep.

#13 Horse chestnut

The main active component of horse chestnut extract is aescin. Aescin is well known for reducing swelling and improves vein health. In fact, this is one of the reasons horse chestnut is used to treat varicose veins. Aescin also stimulates nitric oxide production.

#14 Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee beans have chlorogenic acid. This acid has a high antioxidant power and also helps lossing weight. Some of the benefits of green coffee bean are: controlling diabetes, reducing high blood pressure and increasing nitric oxide production. It posses anti-inflammatory properties, it improves your concentration. Normally green coffee beans aren’t very tasty, But they sure are healthy!

#15 Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry has a huge amount of vitamin C, in fact, it has 9 times more Vitamin C than lemons and oranges per 100 grams. Gooseberry has been shown in research to stimulate hair growth. It prevents dandruff, and due to its antibacterial properties it helps to eliminate and prevent lice infestation. Indian gooseberry also strengthens the heart muscles, so the heart pumps blood throughout the body. Research have shown that indian gooseberry also significantly increases nitric oxide in human body.

#16 Grape extract

Grape extract have strong antoxidant properties. This antioxidant power is the reason why some grape compounds are perfect pharmaceutical candidates to prevent neurodegenerative and heart diseases. Grape extract can also protect blood vesels and can help prevent thrombosis and the formation of varicose veins. It also helps you produce more nitric oxide in your body.

#17 Camu camu berry

Camu camu berry is very special. Found in the amazon in Brazil and Peru, natives have used it for years for medicinal purposes. And they were not wrong! Camu camu berry has 20 times more vitamin C than oranges, offers minerals such as manganese, iron, calcium and copper, has 0 calories and contains fiber. Because of this its considered a superfood. Camu camu also contain polyphenols, this are a group of chemicals found in plants that are known to have many health benefits like reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

#18 Deep ocean minerals

Deep ocean minerals (DOM) are mineral nutrients that are extracted from deep ocean water. This especial tipe of water contains over 70 different type of nutrients. Research on DOM have shown to have a possitive impact on your heart health. DOM can potentially be used as an anti-obesity agent too.

#19 Astragin

Astragin is a natural patented compound. It is very used by bodybuilders and athletes because of its multiple benefits. Astragin works helping your body absorb more nutrients than it would normally be able to do it by its own. In other words it develops nutrient absortion. It’s highly recommended for pre-workout to have better results at excersicing.

Berry M3 Ultimate Nitric Oxide Nutrition final thoughts

In Bionox, we put the greatest effort in giving you the best supplements to improve your health. We believe that trough nictric oxide we can maximize your health and help you get the healthy lifestyle you deserve and always wished for. After intense investigation we have chosen the best ingredients for our signature product Berry M3 Ultimate Nitric Oxide Nutrition – 60 Scoop, to fullfil that goal and offer you the best nitric oxygen supplement available. Pro athletes like, track and field sprinter, Celera Barnes and Pro golfer Chris DiMarco trust and use our products to get the best results in their respective sports.

We encourage you to try for yourself the benefits that nitric oxide can bring to your body and to join the many people who have experienced a radical change in their lives and their overall health. For more information about how nitric oxide is helpful for you and healthy living tips, check out the rest of our blog here.