Here is the link:, password: BioTrain You must take training before you do the demo!
This is what’s included in a demo kit and where it will ship from: 1 - 24x63 X-Stand Banner (shipping from ACRA Printing) 1 - Table Runner (shipping from ACRA Printing) 1 - Red Water Resistant Table Cloth (shipping from Amazon) 1 - Beverage Dispenser for Ultimate Nitric Oxide Nutrition (UNON) (shipping from Amazon) 1 - Bionox T-Shirt (need your size in mens)
Our primary products that can be experienced while a customer is in the store is the Ultimate Beetroot Energy and Ultimate Nitric Oxide Nutrition berry flavor. Please cut up the Beetroot Energy into single lozenges. Leave in the blister until you have a customer in front of you and have them try it while in the store. UNON should be mixed with water in the beverage dispenser. Please make only what you think you will use for that day. You will need to get small cups (Bionox will reimburse if purchase is necessary) to sample the UNON. Please refer to and become familiar with the Bionox Professional Retail Guide and our Brand Positioning Statements in this guide for each product for consistent messaging regarding all Bionox products.

Here is an example of what the setup should look like

SM, MD, XL, XXL, etc.