How long does it take M3 to work? I think what people are really asking is how long before they see any change or any differences. So, it starts to work right away but as far as how they might feel what we see consistently and a lot of this depends on their age and their health history as well as you know the type of issues that they’re dealing with at the time, but consistently what we find is that people who use especially the 40 year olds and over because as we know they have less nitric oxide that they’re producing but they start to notice that their energy improves and this no doubt is due to the more oxygenation that they get because nitric oxide is one part oxygen. So they get more oxygenation as well as the mitochondria converts the amino acids arginine and citrulline which there’s a heavy amount of those in M3.

It converts those into cellular energy and so people notice this energy boost but they also notice that they sleep better and that’s because arginine is a precursor to human growth hormone. Before you go to bed these HGH levels should be optimal and as you go through your night’s sleep the HGH helps for you to have a good restorative recuperative sleep so that you wake up feeling refreshed. Those are the two things that people start to notice right away. As far as long-term issues like blood pressure that may take a few days or up to a few weeks before that starts to respond and again that’s because your arteries need to get more bounce in them or flexibility and so it takes a little time for those vasodilation effects to really take place and to have those type of benefits. With cholesterol and triglycerides again we start to see those things respond in about six months that’s how long we recommend people wait before they get their lipids checked again.

As far as plaque regression which we have all the studies to show that nitric oxide does cause plaque to regress and again that’s something that may take several months or years depending on their response again everybody is different on how they respond so what we do use is a little plethysmography meter that just sticks on the fingertip and it shows how healthy a person is far as their arteries are concerned. From a1 to a7 and consistently we see over a period of 90 days after we screen them that we start to see improvement 90% of time they show improvement after 90 days after taking the product as recommended. So many of you have been using M3 you’re seeing great results for those that are still kicking the tires and wondering well we recommend that you give it a try at of course a 100% money-back guarantee, if it doesn’t work the way that you want it to and see what it will do for you and we look forward to hearing your great story down the road!

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