Pilot Episode – Special Guest Rick Gill



Welcome to the very first episode of Motivating Wellness with Dr. Jay. We wanted to start a podcast/ video series so the Bionox family, and us can learn and experience a variety of health experts, doctors, naturopaths, and health lovers. Our goal is to explore natural health and gain a better understanding of our health and different ways we can continue to grow on our journey.

Dr. Jay Wilkins got into nitric oxide one day in his office in Birmingham, Alabama. A non-invasive screening device stumbled across his desk. This screening device monitored where you were at in your cardiovascular health along with a product that helps boost your nitric oxide levels. Majority of the adults that came into Dr. Jay’s office with some form of cardiovascular issue. Dr. Jay was baffled that he hadn’t heard of nitric oxide as the research on nitric oxide had won a Nobel Prize in 1998 based off of hundreds of studies. Dr. Jay found that this miracle molecule can support numerous health benefits that affect your body as we get older.

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