Nitric Oxide is a miracle molecule when it comes to heart health. It’s actively used in treatments for a range of problems from Alzheimer’s disease and depression to congestive heart failure. Did you know Nitric Oxide can also help you lose weight? Let’s see how we can use Nitric Oxide for weight loss.

Nitric Oxide has been shown to increase fat loss several studies. Your muscles are living tissue. They generate heat, move you around and therefore burn calories. It takes energy to maintain muscle. For those who go to the gym and exercise, this means a faster metabolism.

Nitric oxide is known as vasodilator. A vasodilator expands your blood vessels and arteries. This allows more blood and oxygen to flow to your body’s tissues, organs and muscles. Increased blood flow also means an increased ability to remove toxins and to take in nutrients. The combination of faster toxin removal and nutrient uptake translates into quicker recovery time. Quicker recovery time means more mobility, more time to train and more calories burned.

One of the toxins that is produced during strenuous exercise is lactic acid. If you have ever felt your muscles burn after or during an exercise, this is due usually to lactic acid build up. When too much lactic acid builds up, you just have to stop. It can prevent muscle contraction and it’s painful.

Having high levels of N.O. prevents buildup of lactic acid. Since having less lactic acid means being able to do more exercise, nitric oxide directly maps to more calories being burned via longer walking, running, sporting or gym time. It also allows the muscle to grow more. Since muscle burns calories even while you sleep, this results in a faster metabolism.

Senior man exercising on treadmill and his personal trainer motivating him at rehab gym. Instructor giving motivation to old man walking on treadmill.