What is better for the heart: CoQ10 or Arginine?


As far as my heart health is concerned which is better to take  CoQ10 or the amino acid l-arginine?

So the answer is that they work in different ways and both are great.  But let's talk about the difference.

Hello Jay Wilkins here.
Nitric oxide enthusiast as well as nitric oxide supplement formulator and I'm here to talk about a really good question that came across my desk the other day from somebody that wanted to know:


We will start there. It's a ubiquitous chemical or molecule in your body that is used to really help your cells to make cellular energy. So it causes the mitochondria then to  generate ATP energy and what cells in your body have the most mitochondria and the most need for creating ATP? It is your muscles. Your muscles because of what they do. The more you work out and the more active you are the more you really could use things that help you to stoke up cellular energy.

So CoQ10  is very important and when it comes to muscles, and which muscle works the hardest?  Of course it's your heart! Your heart actually has more mitochondria than any other muscle tissue because of working so tirelessly. Every minute, hours a day, your heart is pumping and constricting and it needs that cellular energy. So CoQ10 is excellent to help your heart to maintain function.  It's good for your blood pressure. Many people have heart muscles that are actually in very good
shape especially the younger someone is the better shape that their muscles
are in. But, we know that there's a lot of young people that still have heart attacks and many times it's not because of the heart muscle itself so much as it is the pipes... the arteries that are leading into the heart like the coronary artery as well as other arteries that  feed the heart muscle that become clogged.

The oxygenation is cut off. If they get a clot the arteries can become completely obstructed and that's why heart attacks occur; the arteries become obstructed and then of course it affects the heart. It causes portions of the heart to go dead. That can be hard to reverse. But, again, for many people it's really the arteries that's the problem.

So CoQ10 is an excellent supplement for people with heart issues.


But, arginine even more so because of it being a precursor to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is your body's best medicine to be able to keep your arteries healthy and in turn keeping your heart healthy.

Incidentally, amino acids like arginine also facilitate ATP production in the mitochondria as well so it has that benefit. But, let's go back to its benefits for nitric oxide. Your endothelium takes arginine that your body makes or that you get from your diet and supplementation and converts it into this gas called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is responsible for opening your blood vessels and relaxing them and it helps to prevent plaque from starting in the first place.

The word picture that Dr. John Cooke used was that it keeps your arteries from becoming like Velcro and helping them to be more like Teflon where everything just slides through. So it helps prevent plaque from occurring, but also over time if there is plaque it actually helps the plaque to go away. I used to enjoy speaking with Dr. Prendergast and he talked about how you could reverse at least 10% of your plaque per year using arginine therapy or arginine supplementation.

So as far as your heart is concerned, long-term prevention, as well as a reversal of plaque in the arteries(which is the number one reason people have heart attacks), then arginine is in my opinion the most important thing for the heart.  Especially when you get past forty years of age.

If you want to supplement arginine along with a good ubiquinol or ubiquinone, 100 to 200 milligrams a day, that's an excellent thing. But, I would start with arginine. Dosage is important. At least 5000 milligrams per day along with high doses of citrulline to help for the turbo-charging and recycling effect of the arginine.

Arginine is where I would spend my money. In particular arginine based supplementation is necessary to elevate those nitric oxide levels that tend to decline after you hit age forty. You produce about 50% of the nitric oxide levels as compared to when you were twenty. That's why we see all these complications with heart attacks and strokes particularly after those years.

So I hope this helped as to which is best for your heart: COQ10 or arginine. I would start definitely with arginine supplementation to keep those arteries that lead to the heart nice and clean and then if you want to supplement with CoQ10 in addition, especially if you're on a statin medication, and since as we know that it robs your body of all CoQ10 and long-term very detrimental.

Dr. Sinatra mentions how this can lead to heart failure when you're on a long-term statin program. SoCoQ10 will be very invaluable at that point. Hopefully this helped to answer that question! Thanks for those good questions and keep them coming!

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