Special Guest Dr. Shawn Green

Motivating Wellness with Dr. Jay Episodes 2-4

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This week we introduce our first guest, Dr. Shawn Green, the inventor of MyFitStrips (available in every canister of Nox3 Greens Ultimate Nitric Oxide Superfood). The MyFitStrips test our levels of nitric oxide so you at home can see when and how you need to improve those levels. Dr. Green chats with Dr. Jay on how nitric oxide is important nitric oxide is for our immune systems, the various ways we consume nitrates, and what nitric oxide does for you. The nitric oxide expert dives into the nitrate story involving organic and inorganic nitrates and what each does to your body.

Currently, Dr. Green is advising strategies to address nitric oxide deficiencies for the prevention and treatment of age- related chronic diseases and infections. Learn more about Dr. Shawn Green and nitric oxide in part one through three. At the end of each guest we have a rapid fire round where we get a personal with each of our guests. Tune in to watch on Facebook or any other social media platform and listen on Spotify.

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