Special Guest Vaughn Lawrence

Motivating Wellness with Dr. Jay Episodes 8 and 9

Watch part one with Vaughn Lawrence, our very first naturopath. Other than Dr. Jay of course! Watch part two now on our YouTube page linked down below.

Introducing our very first naturopath. Vaughn Lawrence is the owner of Spirit of Health in Kansas. In 2000 Lawrence relocated to Las Vegas where he earned his Doctor of Naturopathy. He then proceeded to work as a health food store manager, educator, practitioner, and consultant before returning to Kansas in 2010 to open up his own practice. Since then Lawrence has received a certification as a colon hydro therapist, nutrition response testing practitioner, dietary supplement specialist, and iridologist. Now you may be wondering what does all that mean. Well, don’t worry we got you covered, in this episode Dr. Jay and Vaughn Lawrence cover what it means to be a naturopath, the GAPS diet, and numerous heart-touching success stories. Lawrence’s ultimate goal is to make natural health educations, tools, resources, and products available to people around the world. You don’t want to miss the heart-warming stories and belief in faith told by Vaughn Lawrence, click the link below to watch!

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