Your Nitric Oxide Supplement Sucks

Top 10 Reasons Your Nitric Oxide Supplements Are Junk

At Bionox, we know nitric oxide and have tried almost everything. We’ve all been there: You buy a nitric oxide supplement hoping to boost your workout performance, give you more energy, or lower your blood pressure, only to be left disappointed. So, why isn’t your supplement living up to the hype? Read on to discover the top ten reasons it might be a total waste of money!

Why Your Nitric Oxide Supplements Are Junk

1. Insufficient Dosage of L-Arginine or L-Citrulline

The primary ingredients that help boost nitric oxide levels are L-Arginine and L-Citrulline. If your supplement doesn’t contain enough of these, it might be time to switch. Research suggests a therapeutic dose is key! It’s always amazing to us that customers who have had major improvements with our products ask us why we can’t sell a product for $29.00, like the “other guys”. The reason is that they are selling you something for $29.00 THAT DOES NOT WORK. Imagine you see a fake jet engine part from some scam company in China for $500.

The part is fake, dangerous, and does not work. Period. Now you see that part made by the real manufacturer, and it costs $10,000. This is the same situation with many nitric oxide supplements. People are trained to look for items so cheap they fall way way below any real therapeutic threshold. Newsflash, stuff that works costs more money! If your only concern is price, then you are only deceiving yourself by buying cheap junk. You feel good that you are taking something for your heart, and great, it was cheap, but you are 100% wasting your money. It’s better to burn it than buy much of today’s so-called NO Boosters.

2. Lack of Complementary Ingredients

Have you ever heard of camu camu berry, horse chestnut, hawthorn berry, vitamin D, or pomegranate extract? If the answer is no, then for sure, your nitric oxide supplements are junk! They’re powerful nitric oxide boosters supporting heart health. If your supplement doesn’t include these superfoods, you’re missing out. Learn more here. Again, as you are going to hear us say time and time again, just taking arginine or citrulline by themselves is not efficient. Antioxidants and herbs can significantly boost your ability to use, absorb, and extend the life of nitric oxide in your body.

3. Too Many Fillers

Many supplements are packed with unnecessary fillers that offer no real health benefits. Always opt for clean supplements like Bionox’s Ultimate Nitric Oxide Nutrition, which prioritizes quality ingredients. Beetroot is actually one of them. Much of the so-called no boosters with beetroot have inactive beetroot with ZERO health benefits. That’s right, it’s almost all complete JUNK. If your beetroot product does not list how many nitrates it has in it, then it almost certainly has NONE.

4. Not Tested for Purity

Supplements that aren’t third-party tested might contain contaminants or not deliver on the claimed ingredients. Make sure you’re choosing a reputable brand. Hint: Amazon or Walmart are probably not the most reputable places to find supplements. Check out sites like WellRabbit.

5. Short Duration of Effect

If you’re only getting a boost for a few hours, it’s not optimal. If your formula has low amounts of aminos, it may actually still provide a boost, but for mere minutes, not hours. To have a real physiological effect that actually changes your body and works towards health or energy, you need to have NO active in your system for as long as possible.

A quality supplement like Bionox’s formula provides support for up to 24 hours, and yes, you absolutely want to boost your nitric oxide as you sleep! It boosts HGH!

6. Overpriced for the Quality

Some brands jack up their prices without offering the necessary quality to back it up. Don’t fall for fancy packaging or stupid celebrity endorsements. They are paid to lie, and every bodybuilder has the so-called secret. The real secret, as we all know, is massive amounts of illegal ball-shrinking DRUGS.

7. Poor Absorption Rates

It doesn’t matter how good the ingredients are if your body can’t absorb them. Look for supplements that include absorption enhancers like Astragin, which, of course, we use.

8. Tastes Terrible

Let’s face it; if it tastes bad, you’re less likely to take it. Quality supplements focus not just on health benefits but also on taste! Here is another newsflash: good natural flavors cost more. We use natural fruit flavors because they not only taste so much better but they also have added nutritional benefits. If you want to drink purple, drink school lunch flavored sugar with food coloring, and think it’s going to be quality, all the power to you. It’s almost certainly hurting your NO production at best, and at worst, it’s probably really bad for you.

9. Unsupported Claims

Always be wary of supplements making claims that sound too good to be true without the science to back them up.

10. Not Environmentally Friendly

In today’s world, sustainability matters. If your supplement brand isn’t considering its environmental impact, think twice. Brands like Bionox, with their Biobottles, show they care about the planet. If we care enough to think about how our products are handled in the landfill when you are totally done with the product, imagine the care we take to make sure the products work for you when you actually have them in your home!

Conclusion: With the plethora of nitric oxide supplements on the market today, it’s crucial to pick one that truly delivers and is reputable. Your nitric oxide supplements are junk if you have been buying cheap, low-dose garbage. By watching out for these common pitfalls listed, you’ll be well on your way to finding a product that not only works but also aligns with your values. Remember that good products are going to cost more, will contain many more ingredients other than just amino acids or beet root.