I wanted to talk to you today about a really great story that we had come in and set up the stage for a nice discussion. Now of course we’re all about arginine, circulation, and nitric oxide here at BioNox Nutrients, so you’ll hear about that, but in particular I’m gonna address this story and then we’re gonna talk about some really cool stuff that arginine and nitric oxide does.

So this is a question from Sue and she says:

“We were first recommended M3 Miracle Molecule Max by an alternative herbalist. My husband’s heart rate two years after double bypass surgery was irregular and he had missing beats. They left a blockage to be treated non-surgically. In five months the missed beats were not seen on tests he’s about 80 percent where he should be. I started taking M3 for poor circulation and restless legs. I also have vertigo. After five months my circulation and vertigo are improving. Would you maybe do a video or post on additional benefits of m3? It has been incredible in helping my circulation.”

Thank you sue for this really great testimonial, of course we can’t make any guarantees as to what our products will do for people and certainly if you have
a medical condition we encourage you to seek medical attention.

However, with that said, we do get a lot of really great stories like this one from Sue letting us know what people are experiencing. All overwhelmingly positive! So the topic for our discussion today is –

“What besides circulation, does arginine and nitric oxide help with?

We’re going to consider a few things in answering this and the short answer is it really helps with everything, from head to toe, and I’m gonna explain why.

There are some 100K, different research studies out there on Nitric Oxide. I think nitric oxide Society mentions a hundred and forty thousand studies to date on Nitric oxide. So needless to say, it’s a very important molecule for helping circulation as we all know, but it’s talked about some for other things outside of just cardiovascular health.So lets start from the top. 

The Brain

The Nitric Oxide generated by L-Arginine helps the brain and mood. Because nitric oxide is actually a precursor to neurotransmitters your serotonin dopamine acetylcholine all of these very important neurotransmitters like serotonin that help us to be happy are produced in the brain. Nitric oxide is very important in helping the body to create those neurotransmitters.

Nitric Oxide also helps your body to make important hormones. It’s a precursor
to your estrogens your testosterones and other important hormones needed by your body. So when it comes to mood we’ve had some really excellent response back by
people that are saying that it has helped their mood tremendously. They’re not near as depressed as before and report much better mood. So it does help when it comes to the brain. Besides mood, it helps memory as well. I think that really goes back to circulation though by increasing blood flow up into the brain. Also then you’re going to have a really good response as far as mental fog and memory and other similar issues.

The Eyes

The eyes are also greatly helped by nitric oxide and arginine. Arginine is a precursor to Nitric Oxide, so to make nitric oxide your body uses arginine that your body makes as well as arginine acquired from what you get from your diet from things like protein. We’ve had also some really great responses with vision and the science all backs it up. The little tiny capillaries in your eyes can get sticky, especially if there’s
issues with diabetes. What happens is those little blood vessels can get narrowed and clogged and so by opening up those tiny blood vessels it drastically improves vision. That’s what I was seeing in my practice.

Around 80% of the people that come to my office, especially if they’re older they had
circulatory issues whether they recognized it or not. Let’s face it all your glands and organs are gonna work better if you have good circulation going into it.  There’s also really nice research to show that things like glaucoma can respond to nitric oxide. Pressure in the eye can really respond well to the relaxing of those blood vessels and the relaxing of even the eye itself.

Immune System

What is it that your immune system uses to be able to defend itself against invaders,  pathogens and microbes like viruses, bacteria, parasites and even cancer cells?

The way that your body fights disease is through white blood cells, T cells and B
cells, natural killer cells and macrophage cells as well. All of these things are fueled by nitric oxide and they use nitric oxide to disable those different microbes and to help your immune system. So your immune system works more efficiently when
there’s a proper amount of nitric oxide.

Immunity is very important and a lot of really great research exists on immune system problems and conditions and shows how nitric oxide helps out with that and
arginine as well.

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Of course circulation anywhere in your body as mentioned before if there’s circulatory issues and and sometimes those glands and organs are just not
getting proper blood flow and so by improving nitric oxide getting blood
into those areas there can be a really great response to so many issues. Circulation is the number-one problem. We know this because the number one cause of death is heart attack and that’s fueled by circulation into the heart and strokes also play a factor with those blood vessels when the neck and the brain become compromised.

Strokes have been as much as a #3 killer in this country at times and so both of those are very much involved with circulation problems. Nitric oxide again is the key to keeping those blood vessels open.

Also, a lot of individuals that have lung issues like asthma those type of difficulty’s breathing many times.
It’s because again those those bronchioles that do not relax properly
and they don’t fill up with oxygen the way that they need to and so nitric
oxide signals to the lungs to relax allowing them to fill up with air better. Nitric oxide itself one part nitrogen one part oxygen so just the oxygenation
of the blood can make a big difference as far as overall lung health.

The Liver

Your liver also is something that is affected in a positive way by arginine and nitric 
oxide. Even things like fatty liver or overall liver function has been shown 
to improve by increasing arginine and nitric oxide.

The Pancreas and Blood Sugar

A precursor to making insulin, your body uses arginine to create the
insulin necessary to balance your blood sugar levels. Research has shown 
that nitric oxide can be helpful in making your cells more sensitive 
to the insulin that your body makes, which then allows sugars to be delivered into the 
cell and not stay circulating in the blood supply.

Kidneys Bladder & Urinary System

We can add prostate into that as well. These systems have also seen nice benefits again with a lot of it having to do with the relaxing of the blood vessels. There’s been research that shows imporvement in  things like cystitis where there’s irritation and inflammation in the bladder, prostatitis – inflammation of the prostate – constriction by again helping to relax things and allowing good blood flow.  There’s been improvements in those types of ailments and also for the kidneys.

It’s been shown that ammonia can store up in the kidneys and 
that’s not a good thing you really need to excrete that, but arginine and nitric 
oxide has facilitated the release of toxins and ammonia out of the kidneys 
and the intestines so for your bowels to move properly you need to have nitric 
oxide. This is a really a part of a really nice quote from Dr. Stambler who 
does a ton of nitric oxide research and that’s one of the things he brought out 
as basically nitric oxide is important for every function of the body including 
the way that our intestines move. Very important if people are having 
issues with constipation it could be that they’re not just not making enough 
nitric oxide!

Sexual Function

One of the biggest problems again this is seen as people get older, so we mentioned one thing that arginine and nitric oxide does it helps to create good hormone balance so testosterone and all the sex hormones can get out of balance and Nitroc Oxide is a precursor to those. So it can be helpful in that way but primarily the main reason that people have any sort of sexual dysfunction is and this goes for men and women, is a lack of circulation into those sexually sensitive parts of the body. So when 
there’s not a good circulation there then things just don’t work. This goes back even to the early research on nitric oxide the first medication that was developed from this research was the little blue pill and Pfizer created that and so that is viagra of course.

N.O. is actually very important for proper sexual function is to make sure that there is good circulation good nitric oxide muscles lean muscles and an athletic stamina and endurance and function.


Also nitric oxide and arginine has been very important for this hormone. One of 
the things that arginine does – it’s a precursor to HGH your human growth 
hormone – and this is very important for recovery. It’s very important to get good 
HGH levels right before you go to bed to give you a good restorative sleep and so 
arginine is one of those things that’s used by the pituitary to create HGH and 
so by upping your arginine levels getting them to the right levels can 
help your body to create more HGH.

Very important for lean muscle mass as well but the other thing is by creating nitric oxide people notice they do this before they workout they’d have better stamina better focus better endurance they don’t hit the wall that they speak of a lot of times they can just keep going and also this helps for muscle breakdown. That’s the pain that people feel after a workout the pain and inflammation after a workout is those muscles tearing down and rebuilding and so arginine and nitric oxide is very helpful in your body to restore that function that muscle function and not have as much of 
those symptoms but many people notice when they take some, minutes before they 
workout they take some more after they workout and have a much better recovery time.


People that I was recommending arginine type therapy they 
would they would get started they had all sorts of good results. One of the
things they noticed is that they they didn’t need as high a dose of their paid medications. Many have asked me if there is a correlation, so I did the 
research and sure enough there is a correlation.

One of the most high-powered pain medicines out there is morphine and if you’ve been in a situation where you’ve been in pain and needed morphine and used it you see how powerful it is. The reason morphine works chemically is because it produces nitric oxide at the nerve level down the nerve endings and people then don’t have the the symptoms of pain. This works in a natural way to boost your own precursors to morphine or to help with those pain sensations as well as inflammatory type issues.

Nitric oxide has been shown to actually help to squelch inflammation in 
the muscles and joints and all over your body! Some people don’t even 
realize they have inflamation thus it’s been called the silent killer by many. Anything 
that you can do to help bring inflammation down in your body 
is a good thing and nitric oxide is one of those things that will help.


Bone health also responds nicely to increased arginine as well as vitamin D. Those work very well together and so at least , 5000 IU’s of
vitamin D  has been shown to be important just for healthy individuals 
more if necessary doctors even prescribe , 50,000 IU’s when they see low levels of 
vitamin D but as we know your body uses vitamin D for calcium metabolism to get 
into the bones and then also to get calcium where it doesn’t need to be out .
like you don’t need it in your arteries so you don’t need it stored  in your 
body outside of the bones but it really needs to be in the bone 
tissue and so it’s helpful for reversing those places were bone 
and calcium is getting where it doesn’t need to be 
but arginine to has its research with regards to supporting bone.

I even had some bone loss at one time and I got my arginine levels up to at least , 10,000 milligrams a day and I got my vitamin D up to at least , 10,000 IU’s per day and I went back and had a bone scan again and my bones were healthy so that’s my own story with this. I was a believer ever since for sure so. So Sue 
I really appreciate the question with regards to “what else does arginine and 
nitric oxide do besides just helping your circulation?”

I hope this answers your question this is just a sample really there’s so much more and encourage you if you want to see actually a list of researched things that 
arginine and nitric oxide has helped with you can go to my info site which is 
bionoxusa.info on the home page there there is actually a 
little tab that you can push that says arginine and nitric oxide studies and I 
think there’s over a hundred and eighteen studies that are listed there 
and all the different things that has been proven to help with. This is just 
general information so you can go see what the research says. Some of it if you 
google search it yourself and put in the condition that you might 
be interested in you’ll you’ll see a whole host of different studies that are 
out there. People should be interested in what it can do because 
it does so many things but I appreciate you giving me your time today I hope you 
found this interesting and we will catch you next time!

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