Are nitric oxide supplements worth it? If you have investigated the use of nitric oxide supplements and found multiple options, each with confusing and differing opinions and prices, you may have asked yourself this question. Perhaps you are just beginning your investigation on nitric oxide for a health issue like high blood pressure, circulation, ed, or a host of other issues. In any case this article will help you to understand what nitric oxide can do for your health, what it can’t do and what products and ingredients are best for your situation.

What is Nitric Oxide?

I am going to assume you already know something about nitric oxide if you are asking about its worth and effectiveness. If you don’t it’s enough to say for now, it’s a substance produced in your body that opens your veins and arteries. The benefits of increased circulation to multiple organ systems is massive and reaches to almost all known organ systems and body parts. If you want to learn more about what nitric oxide is click here.

Nitric Oxide Benefits

What Are The Benefits Of Nitric Oxide?

Nitric oxide plays a vital role in many of the body’s physiological processes an d as mentioned earlier, it opens up your arteries and veins. This opening is going to cause massive changes, especially for those who are older and have circulatory blockages.. Here are the top 10 benefits associated with nitric oxide supplementation for health:

  1. Enhanced Vasodilation: Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to dilate or open, improving blood flow throughout the body and bringing more nutrients to every cell. Delivering oxygen and nutrients more effectively leads to better health, energy and recovery. It’s important to not just think about the heart here. Think brain, lungs, reproductive systems, everything! What organ does not benefit from more blood flow?
  2. Improved Athletic Performance: By increasing blood flow, nitric oxide can boost exercise performance and decrease muscle soreness. More blood means more food for the muscle, faster recovery and more power. Bodybuilders have used no for years for these reasons and to increase their pumped looking veins needed to win competitions!
  3. Lower Blood Pressure: Through its vasodilatory effects ( opening your veins ), nitric oxide can help reduce blood pressure, which is essential for cardiovascular health. High blood pressure plus high inflammation are a recipe for atherosclerosis and worse.
  4. Enhanced Brain Function: NO can increase blood flow to the brain, potentially improving cognitive functions, memory, etc.
  5. Improved Immune System: Nitric oxide can bolster the immune system by defending against bacteria and reducing the growth of bad stuff like tumors and more. The mechanisms used here are multiple and this gets complex. One way this is done is by disruption of Iron metabolism. Many bacterial species require iron to live and grow. Nitric oxide can bind to iron-sulfur clusters in bacterial enzymes, disrupting their normal functions. This not only interferes with bacterial metabolism but also deprives bacteria of the essential iron they need to grow.
  6. Alleviation of Erectile Dysfunction: By promoting blood flow, nitric oxide can help treat erectile dysfunction. This is fairly straightforward. An erection needs blood and if you have impaired blood flow, then it’s a show stopper.
  7. Support Digestive Tract Health: Nitric oxide helps relax the muscles in the gastrointestinal tract, assisting in processes like moving food through the stomach and intestines. Amazing to think it can even help digestion, a little touted effect of no!
  8. Decreased Muscle Soreness: By increasing blood flow and nutrient delivery, nitric oxide may help reduce muscle soreness after a hard day at the gym or sporting event.
  9. Anti-inflammatory Properties: Nitric oxide has shown potential in reducing inflammation, making it beneficial for various conditions like atherosclerosis and so much more. Inflammation is the cause of so many diseases, making no so much more important!
  10. Increased Lifespan: Some studies suggest that nitric oxide can extend the lifespan by reducing oxidative stress. If you want to look and feel younger then this is exactly what you want!
10 Reasons You Want To Optimize Nitric Oxide

Are Nitric Oxide Supplements Worth It?

So the answer depends on several factors here. One being effectiveness. Here is a list of the top 3 most common ingredients used to boost no, and later will will go into effectiveness and value.

  1. L-Arginine: Often considered by many as the foundational ingredient in most nitric oxide supplements, L-arginine is an amino acid that serves as a direct precursor to the nitric oxide molecule. When introduced into the body orally, it undergoes a conversion process, turning into nitric oxide, thus aiding in the dilation of blood vessels and promoting improved circulation. The time it takes to do is is different than citrulline so taking arginine and citrulline together is more powerful as it gives you a time released effect. When one is starting to work the other is stopping.
  2. L-Citrulline: This is another amino acid that plays a pivotal role in nitric oxide production as mentioned above. What makes L-citrulline especially interesting is its indirect approach. Once consumed, it bypasses the liver and is transformed into L-arginine in the kidneys. As a result, this can lead to elevated levels of L-arginine in the blood, contributing to enhanced nitric oxide production. Again this is on a different time line as opposed to arginine so taking them both give you more no boosting aminos and tends to work longer.
  3. Beetroot Extract: Mother Nature’s very own nitric oxide booster! Beetroots come packed with dietary nitrates, compounds that our bodies can convert into nitric oxide. Nitrates like the aforementioned amino acids also can create nitric oxide. It works via different mechanisms mostly involving bacteria in your mouth and stomach.

Which type of Nitric Oxide Booster Is More Effective?

The answer short answer is they all work, but they work much better if you use them all! Some people will do better with beets, and some with the arginine and citrulline combination. Any arginine citrulline combination should include antioxidants and vitamin d for maximum effectiveness as antioxidants help extent the life of the no molecule.  If you are considering using a nitric oxide supplement, it’s a good idea to try them both. Beets or Aminos.

Are nitric oxide supplements worth it?

If you are buying a cheap Amino Acid only product, or beetroot with no standardized nitrates then probably no. It’s not worth the money. When you purchase beetroot, make sure it has at least 100mg of nitrates. If you buy a really good arginine and citrulline based formula with all the needed antioxidants it’s going to cost over $50 for the good stuff. If the formula is high quality it is worth it to buy a nitric oxide supplement and going to have a high impact on your health and energy.


So in summary, nitric oxide supplements do work, you just need to buy quality products, look for nitrate count on beets and if you use aminos, make sure they contain both arginine and citrulline and a host of antioxidants and possible supporting herbs as well. Using a good no boosting will save you thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost work, or quite possible even you life.